Sky tree and the gymnastics with sumo wrestler


I’m U&D

How about gymnastics this time of the Sky Tree and the get up early to regular life and a real sumo wrestler will introduce a plan .

after that let’s go to the Sky Tree sightseeing !

Now let’s go in!

夏休み!!相撲健康体操in 国技館

夏休み!!相撲健康体操in 国技館

Summer vacation! ! Sumo health gymnastics in Kokugikan

place Entrance outside of the Kokugikan 1F front
date August 1 (Mon) to 5 (Fri), August 8 (Mon) to 10 (wed), August 22 (Mon) to 26 (Fri) (all 13 days)
time 7:30 am
cost free
application Unnecessary

How many people will come?Present

160 people young and old. When many will join close to 300 people.

Because it was also broadcast in the popular program  of NHK, might in many cases the number of participants this year.

So You never mind with a small number of people come there. Also foreign tourists are participating.

I wonder what kind of gymnastics we do?Present

Active wrestlers tells us the sumo unique movement.

Gymnastics that sumo wrestlers are incorporated into practice,

the gymnasticswhich was arranged so that it can be also the general public.

It’s about 30 minutes.

Since the locker and changing room is not, in easy to move looking, it is better to participate nimble.

Ugh? ! Binzuke oil smell?Present

Do you know  Binzuke oil?

Sumo wrestler is the oil to use to their hair.

I don’t like this smell, so when I pass the sumo wrestlers, stop my breath .

Would you care about what smell?

seeing is believing.

Also to try smelled the odor of Binzuke oil, it is an interesting experience.

By all means come to Ryogoku to sumo health gymnastics to get up early, please back playing with then Sky Tree.

Directions of the Sky Tree from RyougokuPresent

Bus in order from Ryogoku to Sky tree to preserve the physical strength also let’s use actively!

The pretty bus that runs from the laid-back is the 100 yen for adults and for Children 50 yen.



Sky tree from the Ryogoku in the train is required transit.

By JR from Ryogoku to Kinshicho → (quite a walk) →Kinshicho in subway→Oshiage.


Asakusabashi Station from JR Ryogoku Station → To  Asakusa Station in the Toei Asakusa Line → (quite a walk) → Asakusa in the Tobu line→ sky tree station

There are the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Edo NOREN (TV commercial facilities that often new is introduced in),  Hokusai Museum of Art near Kokugikan, but Their OPEN is at 10.

So This time it will go to the early to the Sky Tree.

Sky tree in attractions packed, because the time is not enough even how much!

This Sky tree and was to introduce the Sky Tree plan from the gymnastics and sumo wrestler in the Kokugikan.

– Have fun!

Have a nice day!