Lion products largess in a large draw for the Sky Tree and first 1,000 people

Hello,Everyone. I’m U & D.

It is summer vacation.

Sky Tree is also available crowded every day.

Today’s Sky Tree and is

After playing in the sky tree, Let’s go to the Ryougoku Summer  Festival!
Read the notes of the night cruising Let’s go!

skytree and両国納涼水辺まつり

skytree and両国納涼水辺まつり

After playing in the sky tree, Let’s go to the Ryougoku Summer Water Festival! 

The contents of the two countries Summer Water Festivalプレゼント

place Sumida River Terrace
Day 2017/8/19 (Saturday)
time 5 pm to 8 pm

Where is the Sumida River Terrace?プレゼント

Sumida River Terrace is where there is a stop of the water bus.

People of Asakusa has matrix of a person in the hall, but it is not very well known that there is a stop field of water bus to Ryougoku.

If you go from here to Asakusa, you can enjoy Petit cruise at 310 yen.

Asakusa from Ryougoku is inconvenient place by train, but if the water bus, this one.

There really is a blink of the cruise (^^)

So Sumida River Terrace is not well known also, recommended spot.

This is the venue of Ryougoku Summer waterside festival.

Want to ride on the water bus! Anyone who is

Plan 1: arrive  in Ryougoku at 17:05 the Asakusa out to 15:30 in  flight3

Plan 2: use flight3 arrive in Ryougoku to 17:25 riding on the 17:05

[Arrive in Ryougoku to 17:05 out of the Asakusa to 15:30 in the flight3] you can enjoy Tokyo-bay and Odaiba.fee :2160yen

[Also arrive in Ryougoku to 17:25 riding on the flights3 of 17:05] plan is 620 yen.

Moreover  because not yet fallen at all day at 17, does not have anything even in the cool of the evening. Unfortunately.

Since But another plan might be you guys think of, I leave to put the timetable of the water bus.

Do not you think please water bus?

You might ride the spacecraft, which flew out from the world of Reiji Matsumoto SF! (There 10 types According to the official website at all, Reiji Matsumoto version are two types ,

Hotaruna and Himiko. Himiko is the super cool!)

Really is cool, I will always pleased when I see this ship.

1 2 3 4
Ryogoku 9:30 12:25 15:20 10:55
Azumabashi 11:02
Asakusa 9:40 12:35 15:30 11:10
Sakurabashi 8/19×
Etyujima 13:00
Seiroka 10:10 13:10 16:00 11:50
Hamarikyu 13:25 12:05
Odaiba 10:30 13:45 16:20 12:25
Kaihin-koen 16:25 12:30
Hamarikyu 10:50 14:05 12:50
Seiroka 11:02 14:17 16:45
Etyujima 11:12 14:27
Ryougoku 11:30 14:45 17:05 13:20
Azumabashi 13:27
Asakusa 11:45 15:00 17:15 13:35
Ryogoku 11:55 15:10 17:25 13:45

The night cruisingPresent

After all night cruising now that say the cool of the evening!

·You can’t cancel and They does not return money.

· Seats for free seats, you may not sit down. (From official website)
Eh! Since the course is 90 minutes, if you do not sit
looking forward to the wind night,  flow scenery, maybe a little tight even if one by one surprised to buildings.

Note Summary
* You can not be canceled
* You may not get seet sometimes.

flight1: Ryougoku 18:30  – Ryougoku 20:00
flight2: Ryougoku 19:00  – Ryougoku 20:30

【course】 Ryougoku – Asakusa – the Rainbow Bridge – Ryougoku about 90 minutes
[Rates] 1,650 yenfor adults , Children 820 yen

Discount points Part 1: preschooler one person free except per adult general fee, subscription is necessary. ← This important!
Discount points Part 2: On the day tickets in Ryogoku ticket office if any unsold seat is sold. But, it seems sold out in approximately 3 days ago.

Night cruising purchase site is here

8/19 limited mini cruisePresent

There is also a mini-cruise.

Since the matrix is ​​prohibited, it may not ride in some cases.

Water bus mini cruising
【time】 30 minutes
[Rates] 200 yen

flight1: Ryogoku 17:00  – Ryogoku 17:30
flight2:Ryogoku 17:40  -Ryogoku 18:10
flight3:Ryogoku 18:20  -Ryogoku 18:50
flight4:Ryogoku 19:10 -Ryogoku 19:40
flight5: Ryogoku 19:50 – Ryogoku 20:20

First of all how to get to RyogokuPresent

Bus in order from the sky tree to Ryogoku to preserve the physical strength also let’s use actively!

by  pretty bus that runs from the laid-back is the 100 yenfor adults, Children 50 yen .

Adults 100 yen, 50 yen children of Buzz

Adults 100 yen, 50 yen children of Bus

Kawaiku' and cheap bus

pretty and cheap bus

In the train from Sky Tree is required transit.

Oshiage station(subway) to Kinshicho  just one stop→ Kinshicho(JR) to Ryogoku  just one stop


Asakusa from Tobu line Sky Tree Station → (quite a walk) → Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station → Asakusa transfer → Ryogoku Station from JR Asakusabashi Station.

Another notable is located right next to the Lion of the building.

It means that, Lion products to large draw for the first 1,000 people will be largess.

To hang around the food stalls,

Quiz rally

Let’s try making fan at experience corner?

In addition, this area

Kokugikan, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Edo NOREN (commercial facilities was new that are commonly featured in TV), etc. because we are adjacent, is a variety of fun ♪

This time of the Sky Tree and is

After playing in the sky tree, around the two countries, it was introduced plan enjoy the stalls gourmet in both countries Summer waterside festival.

Even hot during the day, the wind across the Sumida River surprisingly cool, what fun to try to imagine that even the common people of the Edo era would have gathered in the water.

This is where not exposed to rain, but when you want to verify is canceled

You can see the official twitter @SumidaTerrace.

Have a nice trip!